Annual Prize Draw

By simply purchasing tickets in our Annual Prize Draw, you really can make a difference to the lives of many of the children and families in our diocese.

Furthermore, whilst helping to provide this much needed support you can also have the chance of winning:

First Prize £250

Second Prize £100

Third Prize £50

Tickets are £1 each or £5 per book and can be requested by contacting us on 01268 784544 or by emailing Libby.

Our Raffle Team which takes on the work of selling tickets both at events, in their parish and generally to family, friends and/or colleagues is made up of very ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We are always in need of more people to join our Raffle Team whether you are able to sell one book or a hundred, you can help us make a difference to the children and families whom we support.

The draw will take place on Wednesday 20th December 2017 at Childcare House and winners will be notified during the course of the following week.

Good Luck to all who have entered our Annual Prize Draw!