Self Referral

Parents are now able to refer themselves or their child into our service.

The purpose of the self-referral pathway is to ensure quick, easy access to therapeutic provision for children and young people and their parents or carers.

We offer:

  • 1:1 therapy to children and young people
  • parental counselling (which is a very effective way of supporting parents to understand the emotional wellbeing of their child)
  • dyadic therapy (working with the parent and the child)
  • family support

These sessions are delivered in our dedicated counselling suite at Childcare House, Rayleigh and is overseen by our Lead Training & Development Co-ordinator, Catherine Munns.

For further details about cost and how you can go about accessing this support, please email Catherine.

"I had contacted a number of professional services to assist me in helping my daughter. At the suggestion of my daughter's school a referral was made to bccs and it was then that I met one of their counsellors. After months of unanswered questions and "hitting brick walls" I finally had answers, structure and a profound understanding of how a small little girl's mind works.
For me, there has been nothing so worrying as watching your child struggle and the bccs counsellor's help has enabled me to help her for which I will be forever grateful."