Abseiling for bccs

Working in the fundraising department at bccs, I often document and encourage others in their fundraising challenges, so it was probably well time that I took on one myself! On a sunny Saturday at the end of April my sister Sophie, my boyfriend Yaroslav and I, climbed to the top of Harlow Water Tower and threw ourselves off all 110 foot of it...all being attached to quite a few ropes. It was a wonderful experience, if a little frightening as we shuffled off the edge and were suspended into mid-air. We were over whelmed by people's generosity and in total raised over £600 for bccs. Many thanks goes to the Rotary Club of Harlow Tye for putting on such a great event which lots of different charities could be involved with. And, thank you to my nearest-and-dearest for not protesting too much when I signed them up!

- Amy Pether (Trusts and Fundraising Officer)