Sophia's Story

Sophia is 16 years old. She referred herself, having learnt of the service provided by the Society to her school through a friend. Sophia's parents had separated acrimoniously when she was a small child. Her mother drank heavily through this period. Contact with her father was spasmodic as he was lodging with an ex-wife who did not want Sophia to visit her home.

Sophia's mother met and married a man that Sophia adored and who treated her like his own daughter. This was a time of happiness and stability for her. Sadly, Sophia's stepfather developed cancer and died shortly after the diagnosis. Sophia's mother began to drink heavily again and both mother and daughter struggled to cope with their grief. It was at this time that I met Sophia. I supported her through her grief and helped her to come to terms with the loss of the person who had been responsible for providing the most stable period of her life.

At this time relations between mother and daughter were often fraught because of mum's alcohol abuse and because she developed a new relationship with Trevor, who also drank heavily. Sophia felt in the way and unwanted by Trevor. The extremes of the two experiences have been difficult for Sophia to cope with.

Sadly, despite meetings with Sophia's mother, her alcohol abuse has escalated. There has not always been food and heating at home and Sophia has benefited from the Society's voucher scheme, enabling her to buy food. Unfortunately, the worsening situation as home has meant that it has been necessary to consider a referral to Social Care. Sophia has received considerable support from her school and has been encouraged to continue her education despite her circumstances.

This is a very difficult time for Sophia as her GCSEs approach. Continued support will be offered and every effort is being made to find a solution to Sophia's accommodation difficulties.