Training & Support for Staff

Our training team has grown and, as a result, we are now able to provide a holistic and comprehensive training and support package.

The package comprises support to school staff under the guise of training, supervision and consultation, to both pupils and to parents.

Catherine Munns is our Lead Co-ordinator for Training and Development and would be happy to discuss any training needs you may have. Please email Catherine or phone her on 01268 894544 for further details of our services.

Please click here for an article from a former headteacher about the work of one of our counsellors in her school.

Introduction to Emotional Health & Wellbeing

This full day workshop explores the issues of child mental health and attachment theory.
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Introduction to Adolescent Mental Health

This 3-hour workshop introduces secondary staff to the issues surrounding adolescent mental health.
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Understanding Children's Anxiety

This workshop supports staff in understanding the issue of anxiety and how it presents.
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This workshop enables school staff to deal with the stress and emotional intensity of their job.
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Staff Supervision

A professional supervision is now available for primary and secondary staff.
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In-school Consultation

Following a thorough assessment, we work closely with staff to devise strategies to support the child.
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