Corporate information

Every time bccs takes on a new child who needs our help, it costs us money. We fund our operations through a basic split that involves partner schools contributing 50% of the cost, 40% being met by our fundraising and donations, and 10% coming from other sources such as grants and trusts. We receive no national or local statutory funding of any kind, and neither do we draw from Diocesan funds.

We are proud of the fact that we raise our own finance with the unstinting help of our supporters, partners and benefactors. We could not continue without this support and every single donation is valued enormously.

Over £700,000 has to be raised annually for bccs to be able to provide its services and as the need for the charity’s work increases each year, so does the level of funding necessary to operate. We are undertaking over 50% more sessions with children than five years ago and have stretched our resources to meet the demand. We have funded the growth largely by asking schools to contribute a bit more whilst retaining our levels of fundraising, donations and other sources.

We have become far more cost effective over time and we are working towards being sustainable on an operational basis. However, bccs is in need of additional income to help us continue to supply our important core counselling services. We are always looking for new friends, supporters and fundraising events – every donation is gratefully received.

We constantly need funding for core costs such as salaries, overheads, revenue costs, administration and ongoing expenses that the charity incurs. To do extraordinary things for the children of Essex and East London, we need ordinary expenses to be funded.

To find out more about helping to fund the work of bccs, contact our Director, Bernadette Fisher, – 01268 784544/