Schools' Fundraising

A Gift For A Child

This is an on-line fundraising page which we will create and personalise for your school where families can choose a virtual present and make a donation to our work.

Once the page has been created, you simply email the page link to your parents and school community inviting them to choose a present from their family. They can select how much to spend and leave their name along with a short message should they wish to.

This is a simple, visual way to encourage your school community to support other families who need our specialist care at this time.

Please email Julie Abbott who will set up your personalised schools’ Gift for a Child page or call her on 07912 277413

Festive Hat Day

You could arrange a Festive Hat Day and ask your children to wear a Santa hat, elf hat or some reindeer antlers or make their own Christmas headdress to wear.

Invite them to bring in a small donation on the day.

Take A Minute Appeal

Our little envelopes are available which can be given out to each child with a request that each family makes a small donation to our work.

Please email Damian with the number of envelopes you require.

Christmas Nativity Plays and Carol Services

If you are hosting a Nativity play or Carol Service, could you consider having a collection for us?


Perhaps you could invite your school staff to write a message on an A4 shared Christmas card and donate to a collection rather than sending individual Christmas cards. Please email Damian to request your card and money box.

Whichever fundraising initiative you choose, we would like to thank you for your support – you are helping to safeguard our services in schools and we are very grateful.

The staff and trustees of bccs would like to wish you all our schools a very happy Christmas.