Gift Aid

If you pay income or capital gains tax in the UK equal to or greater than the amount we claim you can sign a Gift Aid Declaration.

Gift Aid is a way of allowing a charity to claim tax relief on gifts made by UK taxpayers and is very simple.

It allows us to claim back the tax you have already paid on the amount you're donating.

A donation of £10 magically becomes £12.50 without you paying a further penny.

Why not make a declaration today to help us get more back from the taxman.

All you have to do is to click here to download our Gift Aid Declaration form, complete and return to us at

'bccs', Childcare House, Little Wheatley Chase, Rayleigh, SS6 9EH, Essex.

Make an on-line donation here - It is quick, easy and safe.

Gift aid calculator



Basic tax rate (%)


Full value with gift aid:


But if you pay a higher tax rate of 40% then you may reclaim higher rate relief of: