Running a quiz night is a simple, popular and profitable way to raise funds. They work because:

  • they are easy to run
  • they can be easily scaled up or down to suit all sorts of gatherings
  • they provide a great opportunity for a social event and
  • they require little equipment other than a venue.

Quizzylympics is a fundraising charity quiz challenge designed to raise funds for bccs. We are looking for volunteers to represent, organise and host a local quiz night in their parish. In order to make the organising of the local heats as easy as possible, we will be there supporting the organisers every step of the way. We will also provide them with a free Quizzylympics fundraising pack, which will include:

  • organising tips
  • promotional flyers and posters
  • a score sheet and
  • a sample of questions and answers that can be used to run the quiz.

Funds will be raised for bccs at the heats from the entry fee, from profits made selling refreshments or via any extra fundraising undertaken, such as a raffle. The local organisers will be free to arrange their quiz nights on whatever date or in whatever way they wish. This will allow them the flexibility to tailor their event to suit the specific needs of their parish.

Remember – there is something else that fun quizzes should be all about, as well as raising money. They are a chance to have fun and interact with other people and they are a great way of building community spirit.

Organising a quiz night is a great way to support bccs and have fun at the same time – so go on, give it a go!

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