A partnership with Brentwood Catholic Children's Society will enhance and promote your business while helping to fund our vital social care work across the Diocese.

There are numerous benefits for your company from a charity partnership with us. You will enjoy a positive company image both internally and externally, be able to differentiate yourselves from your competitors, increase your customer loyalty and brand attractiveness, and demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.

Email Julie Abbott for help and information about setting up a partnership.

Ways in which you can support us

  • Charity of the Year

    bccs recognises that for any company nominating a charity as your 'Charity of the Year' is often the biggest way in which you can offer support. Partnerships of this type aim to bring your employees together in an organised and co-ordinated way, engaging them through a wide range of events and activities to raise money for a chosen charity.

    Choosing bccs as your Charity of the Year will have a huge positive impact on your company, helping to:

    • Improve staff morale and motivation.
    • Develop teamwork skills.
    • Improve inter--departmental relationships.
    • Enhance company image.
    • Provide opportunities for local community involvement.
    • Generate great press coverage in your region.
  • Each year, we put on a number of events to raise money for bccs. The cost of putting on an event can be expensive, so in most cases the money raised on the night for the children and families comes primarily from auctions and raffles at the event.

    We aim to provide auction prizes with a unique value such as ‘an exclusive’ birthday party for ten children at Hamleys toy store, lunch at Claridge’s or tea at The Ritz, to name but a few.

    We would be so grateful for your help in securing these types of prizes. It can be very difficult for us to source them, so if you know a company or an individual who would like to help or you can help yourself please do contact us. We can offer some fantastic branding and advertising opportunities.

  • Volunteering is a fantastic way to motivate staff, getting them out of the office and getting to know each other.

  • We are always in need of volunteers to be ambassadors for bccs to help the team in running events. These could include:

    • Runs
    • Bike rides
    • Gala evenings
    • Ladies’ days
    • Gentlemen’s evenings
  • Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to pre-plan a day of securing donated items (from your building, neighbouring office buildings, your staff, your suppliers, your clients, etc.).

    The challenge will then be to find or borrow vans or trucks; recruit volunteer drivers and drivers’ mates (there will be a lot of lifting and handling); gather in these items on a designated day or days, and deliver them to us.

  • Working with our corporate supporters is as much about what we can give them as what they contribute to us. Together, we have built some amazing relationships with a range of companies and continue to see this area of fundraising go from strength to strength.

    Organisations help bccs in many ways and together we have forged lasting relationships with our corporate friends. There are a huge variety of ways everyone can benefit from becoming involved.

  • Companies rely on a hardworking and motivated workforce and many spend a great deal of time and resources on building team spirit and staff loyalty. Getting them involved in raising money for a local cause through a series of exciting events and activities is a great way to do just that.

  • Does your company have a Payroll Giving Scheme?

    Payroll Giving is an easy and tax efficient way to donate to Brentwood Catholic Children's Society regularly, straight from your salary.

    Donations are before tax – so if you pledge £10 a month, in reality only £7.80 is deducted from your pay packet. What's more, at present the Government will match donations up to £10 a month for the first six months.

    Reports have shown that introducing a Payroll Giving scheme will boost staff morale and improve the rates of staff recruitment and retention.

    If your company has a Payroll Giving scheme in place you can JOIN NOW by contacting your payroll department.

    If you would like to nominate us as your Charity of the Year for your Payroll Giving we can help with the launch and promotions. Contact us.