Why leave a legacy?

Leaving a gift in your will to bccs is giving a gift to the children of the Brentwood Diocese. With your help, we can ensure that a whole generation of children in Essex and East London can fulfil their academic, personal and spiritual potential, and lead safer and happier lives.

At bccs, we believe that every child should be loved and supported. However, some children experience great hardship and suffering – from bereavement and bullying, to anxiety and abuse. bccs provides counselling for children and young adults whose wellbeing, and mental and emotional health could be at risk.

bccs has been supporting children and young people since 1984. Our work has changed and developed to meet the different and diverse needs of the children and schools over time. Our workload has, unfortunately, grown hugely in recent years – we are undertaking twice as many sessions with children than five years ago. There is a growing and complex need for the services bccs provides and we intend to fulfil that need well into the future.

We see our work as a requirement of faith, as well as a moral and social responsibility. We are proud of our Catholic foundation – the Bishop of Brentwood is our President and we enjoy much support from the Catholic community. We recognise the importance of the family and look to care for children within the family unit where possible. The service we provide not only benefits the children we work with directly but also their families, their schools and their local communities.

We are proud and privileged to provide a caring, professional service to children irrespective of their background or religion, and now work in a wide variety of schools (Catholic and non-Catholic) across Essex and East London.

Our vision for the future is to continue with, whilst expanding the reach of, our core counselling services. We also want to widen the services we offer; we have already devised and developed a new model for the future which offers consultations in response to the increasing and complex demand schools and staff are facing. We are also running a series of workshops to help teachers think about children’s emotional health and wellbeing, and the factors which influence a child’s ability to relate and learn. In the future, we are looking to run twilight courses about the importance of teacher wellbeing as well as parenting courses.

In the past, legacies have played a crucial role in funding the work of bccs. We have become far more cost effective over that time and our core counselling work is becoming self-sustaining. However, bccs is in need of additional income to help us continue to widen the reach of our core work, and to expand our services in other directions, such as the consultations in schools and the training for teachers and parents.

Your legacy, large or small, will help thousands of vulnerable children in Essex and East London find the support, counselling and love they so desperately need. If you feel leaving a legacy is something you would like to do, please email Bernadette or call her on 01268 784544.

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