Our Services

bccs is made up of a dedicated team of professionals, led by our Director, Bernadette Fisher. The team is diverse in that it’s made up of both Counsellors and Social Workers, all with extensive experience. We remain dedicated to the provision of therapeutic services within the school setting and our professional counsellors and social workers are key in providing this.

We have, however, also gone through a period of change and expansion of our services. We now have a new arm to our services which focuses on a more tailor-made kind of support, whether it be in the guise of training, direct child/family support, or in-house consultation to school staff.

We have recruited a small team of very experienced counsellors who are passionate about providing this new, comprehensive service. You’ll find out more about this within our dedicated sections below.

This specialist counselling takes place within the school setting or in our dedicated counselling suites in Childcare House, Rayleigh.

Please read on for further information about the services we provide:

A dedicated worker in your school

Many schools in Essex and East London currently benefit from having a dedicated bccs worker who delivers vital mental health services in the school setting.
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Mental Health Training in Schools

We work in partnership with over 100 schools and provide our service on site at these schools.
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Workshops for Pupils

Whilst the focus of our training programme to date has been on school staff, we are now able to offer workshops directly to students.
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Support for School Staff

Alongside the training we offer to school staff, we can now support them by offering mindfulness workshops, staff supervision and in-school consultations.
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Support for Families

Parents are now able to refer themselves or their child into our services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a blog to help children and parents to understand more about mental health and the therapies used to support it.
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