What is mental health?

What can parents look out for in their children?

Mental health is a term used to cover a broad range of issues which may be affecting a child or young person. It allows us to provide a label to something that is an issue. Sometimes that really helps and sometimes it can leave us feeling in need of reassurance.

We think about mental health as something which we can understand, support and positively affect. When we think about a child’s emotional health and wellbeing, parents often know immediately when their child isn't feeling ‘ok’.

Parents may notice a change in mood, appetite or desire to do things. They may see a change in behaviour, in school or at home, or that their child has become withdrawn suddenly or over a period of time.

Parents may notice that their child seems to feel the need to be in control in a way they weren't before, or that they become obsessive about their eating habits or appearance.

At bccs, we trust the gut instinct of parents and so when a parent tells us that something is bothering their child, they are usually right.