Why is it good to talk and how does it help?

What is happening when a child starts to talk?

We believe that talking cures all. Sometimes however, it is less about talking and more about what happens to a child or young person when they are being listened to.

When we respond, we allow our child or young person the opportunity to know that they are heard and recognised and that we can deal with anything they have to tell us.

When children and young people talk, they are able to externalise a concern, thought or feeling that they may have felt they needed to keep bottled up.

Talking makes things feel better because it allows someone, in whatever context a conversation happens, to feel they have been heard and responded to.

As adults, we do this quite readily to a partner or a friend; 'letting off steam' about the day we have had, the difficulties we have experienced, the pressure we feel we are under and as a result, we feel ‘lighter’, listened to and less burdened.

It is exactly the same for children and young people.