Training Provision Autumn Term 2020

In order to simplify our training provision during what will be a term of transition and interrupted teaching for many schools, we are proposing a reduced menu of options for training during this period.

It is assumed that these will be delivered face to face but virtual options such as Zoom sessions will also be available.

Please download our Training Menu here.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our proposed course provision, please contact Louise Picton for further information.

Resources for Schools

We have prepared a Primary Powerpoint for school staff to use with pupils on the run-up to World Mental Health Day on 10th October and at set times throughout the school year.

It is a simple guide for children about looking after their mental health and introduces ways of calming feelings of worry and anxiety.

We also have produced a Schools' Bereavement Pack with useful information for schools and parents who are supporting children coping with feelings of grief and loss.

Go to our Bereavement Resources page for further information for supporting children and families at this difficult time.

Supporting Children Back into the School Setting

A workshop for staff to enable them to think around the issues that may be facing children on their return to school after such a long period away. This will include the opportunity to discuss trauma, bereavement and anxiety.

A one-hour presentation with a half hour at the end to ask questions to talk to each other.

It is always helpful when we receive feedback following our training sessions as this helps us to fine-tune our provision; thanks to two Headteachers who took the time to email us following training in their schools:

Thank you for leading the session this evening. It was really helpful and supportive and delivered in such an engaging style that I found myself wishing it wasn't over .... not often I say that at 4.40pm! My staff team also found it really useful and it gave them a really great insight into how children might be feeling.
I just wanted to thank you for delivering the training to staff this afternoon. I know it has made staff reflect on the current situation we find ourselves in and to really take the time to try and see experiences through a child's perspective. Hopefully, they will be very aware that a little thing could actually be quite a big thing for a child to be taking on board.

Process Group for Staff

A confidential group setting to enable staff to talk about their own experiences of lock-down and explore how they will manage this alongside the anxieties of their pupils.

Time and group size will be advised on application.

Anxiety Process Group for Pupils

Aimed particularly at Year 7 and 12 pupils who may have missed inductions and exam periods. A chance for small groups of children to come together to talk about their experiences in a facilitated and containing environment.

Parent Process Group

For many parents, the summer term 2020 will have been very challenging. This workshop provides an opportunity for parents to get together to discuss this and explore how best to support their child/ren back into school.

This workshop may be best suited to an on-line platform such as Zoom.

Mindfulness for School Staff

An introductory workshop to facilitate staff wellbeing with emphasis given to the particular stresses that school staff will be facing during and post-pandemic. This workshop can be delivered in school or live-streamed via Zoom.

Staff Supervision

A chance for school staff to talk to a trained therapist and supervisor about work-related issues. There is an expectation that, during this difficult period, personal issues may well be impacting the capacity to work and these can also be explored.

Staff Counselling

We can offer a fixed term or open-ended intervention to school staff providing a safe space where they will be listened to, supported and restored. Read more about our counselling provision here.