Our Stories & Resources

Our Stories

At bccs we believe that every child should be loved and cared for. Our unique approach is to intervene as soon as problems are identified and work with the child for as long as it takes to put things right.

We feel it is important to share our stories which in turn may help other families in similar situations. In all cases, we have the agreement of the families we have worked with to include their stories on our website; names have been changed to provide anonymity.

The cases outlined reflect the dedication and commitment of our Social Workers and Counsellors and also underline the great need for the service that they provide.

If you would like to talk to us about anything you have read here, please contact Catherine Munns who will be happy to help.

Our Resources

Please scroll down to access some resources on the topics of Talking about Coronavirus, Bereavement and Mindfulness.

Many of the resources here have been devised by our professional team for use at school and at home. We have also included links to some external resources which have been recommended.


Jack's Story

Jack's mother tells how her son has been helped by 'bccs'. He was struggling to cope with everyday situations and family life was becoming difficult.
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Jayne's Story

We work with many children who have experienced domestic violence or abuse. Home Office statistics claim that least 750,000 children a year 'witness' domestic violence and about half the number of children living with domestic violence have themselves suffered physical abuse.
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Holly's Story

Holly is 14 years old and the eldest of four children. She was referred to the Society as staff at school had noticed that her attitude and behaviour had recently deteriorated.
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Our work with Emma

Here is an example of a case that gives an idea of some of the work we do. Emma is a 15-year-old student who needed some help to cope with feelings of sadness which led to self-harm.
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Talking about Coronavirus & Anxiety

We give some useful tips to parents and carers about how to talk to their children in an honest and calm way about what is happening in the world.
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Bereavement Resources

Many school staff members and parents may feel anxious about how to support a child or young person when they have experienced a bereavement. We have prepared a Bereavement Pack for schools to support children at this time.
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Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness is now scientifically proven to positively impact wellbeing, to help manage anxiety and to promote a sense of compassion.
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World Mental Health Day

It's World Mental Health Day on 10th October and we will be sharing some of the stories of how we helped children, young people and families during the pandemic
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