Jack's Story

Before telling Jack's story (whose name has been changed), we would like to thank his mum for allowing us to share their family's experience of 'bccs' .

'My son Jack was struggling to deal with everyday situations at school and outside of the home. He was often unable to talk when he felt uncomfortable and relationships with teachers and unfamiliar adults were difficult. This sometimes resulted in angry or aggressive behaviour toward his family, after school or following uncomfortable situations he’d had to deal with during his day.

Jack had various assessments with speech and language specialists prior to counselling. We were told he may be suffering from selective mutism and social anxiety and were given various worksheets and advice but nothing seemed to help him.

We first met with a ‘bccs’ counsellor in January following a recommendation from my son’s school. My husband and I were both open minded and hopeful but as we had already failed to find help for Jack previously we were also a little dubious about what counselling would achieve.

The ‘bccs’ counsellor was very good at immediately putting us at ease and seemed to quickly get an understanding of our situation. After a few sessions, strategies were put in place to alter our behaviour at home to benefit Jack. After just a few weeks we realised this was not only helping Jack but also the whole family.

The family environment became calmer as we put into practice the strategies suggested. With the counsellor’s insight into Jack’s emotions we started to understand why he displayed the behaviour he did and that made coping with it easier, in turn making him feel more secure in himself.

Jack is now becoming a happier, more content little boy. Although sometimes a little shy, he now communicates with ease at school and is definitely more comfortable in unfamiliar situations which would have previously seen him shut down. He seems better equipped to cope with life and no longer being of concern at school is a goal we were doubtful we would ever reach and certainly not so quickly.

The relationship we have with the ‘bccs’ counsellor is one of trust and understanding and we have all greatly benefitted from her knowledge and advice. She has been reassuring throughout our sessions and we have always felt we can be honest and open with her. The support of ‘bccs’ has been invaluable and we will be forever grateful to them.'

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