We can now offer a Mindfulness workshop to all school staff as a 90 minute twilight session or inset workshop; it is suitable for primary and secondary staff.

A happy, well-motivated staff is an essential ingredient in a high functioning school. The Health and Safety Executive have cited teaching as being among the top 5 occupations affected by work-related stress with 70% of teachers saying their health has suffered because of their job.

An increased ability to deal with the stress and emotional intensity of the job can improve teacher/student relationships as well as the teacher's personal well-being.

Mindfulness and meditation practice can help school staff to change the way they think and feel about their experiences – especially stressful experiences. Through mindfulness exercises, we allow ourselves freedom to pay attention to the present moment, using techniques centred on meditation and breathing.

Recent research from the University of Oxford shows that people who regularly practise mindfulness or meditation can achieve reductions of nearly 60% in their anxiety levels and 40% in their overall stress. Additionally, research explicitly carried out on teaching staff who have adopted a mindfulness practice has indicated a reduction in ‘burn-out’ and an improvement in classroom performance.

Choose from the mindfulness menu for staff or student sessions below but let us know if you have a particular requirement; we are always happy to create a bespoke delivery to suit.

Introduction to mindfulness for school staff - for 'beginners'

This introductory workshop will provide a brief overview of the theory behind mindfulness and meditation and provides an opportunity to sample some of the techniques that form part of a regular practice.

Designed specifically to address the unique stresses that may be experienced by those working in the school setting, this largely experiential workshop is aimed at all primary and secondary school staff to include TAs, pastoral staff, heads of year as well as teachers. Attendees will participate in practices which they can take away and use at home and at school – in time they may even wish to share them with their students.

Introduction to mindfulness for primary pupils

An introductory workshop adapted especially for all pupils, successfully tried and tested throughout an entire 2-form entry primary school.

Fun and informative, children can learn a little about what mindfulness is, try practices which they can then use at home and at school while enjoying a mindfulness craft activity.

Introduction to mindfulness for secondary students

A small group experiential workshop which allows students to practice techniques whilst learning about the theoretical context and how it may help their stress levels in everyday life.

Regular mindfulness group

Why not let us come into your school to run a regular group with staff or students? Staff find this a great de-stressor at the end of a working day and students may like to join a lunch time session. This allows the techniques to be practised and built upon and is a lovely way to connect with others.

Please email Louise Picton on: lpicton@bccs.org.uk to discuss requirements and pricing.

More Mindfulness...

In response to schools wanting additional sessions after experiencing the Introduction to Mindfulness detailed above, we have started deliveries of themed workshops:

  • Mindfulness for sleep
  • Mindfulness for self compassion
  • Staying present
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness for exam stress

Sleep – healthy sleep has more to do with quality of rest than quantity of hours. Sleep meditations help created the inner conditions needed for a truly restful night: when we settle the mind, we rest the body and it is that restfulness that makes it easier to wind down and drift off.

Compassion - looking at this not only for others but for self. To include themes of kindness, our inner-critic, our experience of dealing with ‘difficult’ people.

Staying present - the how and why of staying fully engaged in what is happening right now; to include focus, staying with feelings rather than pushing them away and a need for a constant appreciation of fluidity and an acceptance that everything changes.

Gratitude – in times of stress it is very easy to forget the good things. A gratitude practice can help re-focus and enhance well-being

Exam stress – mindfulness techniques are now scientifically proven to reduce stress for some people. Students can learn these techniques to cope with pre-exam anxiety but also to use in the exam room itself.

We can accommodate bespoke themes by request and also deliver directly to students – email Louise Picton for further details.

Doing the stress test made me realise that I need to reduce it!

I think the session provides great support in managing the stresses and strains of teaching/working in a school. We would be interested in having a session for our Year 6 children and developing a regular meditation group.

Brilliant session which opened my eyes to ways I can reduce stress which I may not have been exposed to before.