Staff Therapy

We know the energy and commitment it takes to work with children and young people in school - we see it every day.

We also know that in order to maintain this every day, the adults supporting these children and young people ideally need to be in as good a place as they can be - mentally, physically and emotionally.

We absolutely appreciate however that circumstances are not always ideal and that now more than ever, the mental health and emotional well-being of school staff is being challenged.

We are here to help: our trained and qualified counsellors are ready to talk to you and your colleagues about ANYTHING - these issues do not have to be school related.

We know that you are professionals and experts in your field but for most people there comes a time when it may not just be school pressures that are affecting your ability to get up, get in and get going.

Anxiety, relationship issues, work/life balance, dependents, self-esteem and trauma are just a small part of a very long list of issues that can compromise your daily functioning.

Our counselling is confidential and we will endeavour to offer either video or face to face sessions as appropriate.

We can offer a fixed term or open-ended intervention and will always provide a space where you will be listened to, supported and restored.

Schools Feedback

Schools are telling us that they consider this to be a professional and discreet service and that they appreciate the points below:

  • Generally we can act quickly and often start sessions within a week. For anyone who has experienced their own counselling, you will know that once you have made the leap and decided to commit, you want to start as soon as possible
  • All counselling staff know what it is like to work in schools as they do it themselves. They are therefore aware of how pressurised and challenging it can be
  • The service is competitively priced with a range of payment options available
  • The paperwork for schools is simple and often they can pay in a lump sum which cuts down invoicing
  • Our staff can hold sessions flexibly to suit client working patterns eg. via Zoom or face to face within the school setting or in our counselling offices and at mutually convenient times

Read our testimonials from a head teacher and member of staff from two schools who contacted us following our input:

We have used the bccs counselling service for staff since October. As a head teacher it is reassuring to know I have a service that I can trust to provide support to staff members. It has allowed me to meet the needs of staff that could not be met in-house. As a head teacher you are aften driven by budget, so the competitive rate has allowed me to provide maximum support.
The counselling has been wonderful. It provides clarity around the fog of feelings and emotions that cloud my perspective. It has proven to be invaluable in reminding me that I need space for myself in a life where we spend so much time doing things for others and put ourselves last.
Thank you, and your team, for all the support you are giving our staff. I am so grateful that you are all helping us to keep emotionally buoyant.

For further information and details of costs, please email Louise Picton.

If you would like to display a poster in your school staffroom, please download here.