Tune into your teen

Audience: Parents/carers

We know that adolescence can be an incredibly difficult time, not just for teenagers but also for their parents.

It is a period of enormous change, presenting multiple challenges and pressures as well as affording many opportunities. For parents, it can feel like they are entering uncharted territory; their child’s changing behaviour can seem unpredictable, distant and uncommunicative one minute, demanding and “needy” the next. It can be a confusing and somewhat lonely time, leaving parents struggling to know how to support their child.

This workshop will inform, encourage and support parents in exploring some of the following:

  • What goes on in our brain during adolescence, both physically and psychologically, and how this affects behaviour.
  • How acknowledging the challenges for themselves can help parents to understand and be attentive to their teen’s needs.
  • Effective strategies parents can use to improve communication with their teen as they negotiate their changing relationship.

Cost: £350.00 (no limit on numbers)

If you would like further information about this workshop, please email Catherine Munns.