Introduction to Children's Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Target Audience - Primary Schools

This 3-hour workshop can be tailored to school requirements and delivered in two twilight sessions or as a half-day inset.

It explores the unconscious communications children and young people can engage us in, which often leave us feeling de-skilled, unsure or stressed.

We will specifically explore the issue of generational mental health and how a child’s experiences to date can determine their ability to manage the school environment, and those relationships within it.

We will look at attachment theory with a view to understanding how some children find it exceptionally hard or challenging to form healthy attachments and what they do when they can’t.

We look at classroom and parental attachment presentations with a view to naming what it is the school staff is managing and trying to support.

This workshop is experiential in nature and attendees will benefit from interaction and an open dialogue with the presenter.

For further information, please email Louise Picton.

"Very well prepared and informative. A calm presentation style that made us all think."

"I feel more confident to be effective in approaching different needs of children."

"Excellent course. Highly recommend to other colleagues who work within schools or other child-centred professions."