Parental Support Group: Anxiety

Workshop aims

Given the amount of care, time and energy that we know schools invest in the emotional health and wellbeing of their pupils and their families, we have devised a series of workshops aimed at supporting parents around the issue of childhood anxiety.

We will work with schools to identify the most appropriate audience to engage in this Parenting Support Group.

The format of the workshops allows for time in between weekly sessions for self-reflection and 'giving things a go'.


Three two-hour workshops (date to be agreed between school and bccs), will be held in the school setting, with the rationale that parents or carers can drop their children off and come straight into the group.

Benefit to child

Why offer support to parents or carers when the issue may present in their child?

Anxiety can manifest in many ways, for example inability to engage with the curriculum or poor peer and family relationships.

Psychoanalytic theory holds the belief that a child who experiences their parents as consistent, containing and available, will thrive. The result of this is that they are more able to manage the unpredictable realities of everyday life.

Benefits to parent

Winnicott’s belief is that every parent needs to only be 'good enough'.

The anxiety which can manifest in parents around the issue of ‘failure’ can translate not only into their belief about themselves as a parent, but to the narrative that surrounds their child.

Can a parent who doesn’t believe themselves to be resilient hold the belief they can raise a resilient child?

Benefit to school – primary & secondary

As a regular training provider to schools we are witness to the ever-changing role of the school in supporting not only children, but their parents or carers. This places a different kind of demand on school staff.

The aim of the Parenting Support Group is to empower parents to have confidence in their own ability, the result being that school staff are ‘needed’ less, and children experience themselves as more able, and therefore less dependent on the adults around them.

We can deliver our Parental Support Groups to both Primary and Secondary school parents.

For further information, please contact Louise Picton.