Supporting Children and Young People after Bereavement

This 90 minute workshop explores how schools can effectively support children and young people after a bereavement.

Children and young people grieve somewhat differently from adults. As a result, it can be challenging to know how best to support them as they process their loss and navigate powerful feelings of grief, which can express itself in a wide range of ways.

This can lead to us feeling de-skilled and anxious about saying the “wrong” thing and “making it worse” for them.

Through a balance of information and interaction, this workshop explores the grief process and its effect on children and young people, particularly in the context of the Covid Pandemic.

The workshop is suitable for both primary and secondary school delivery and is designed to develop staff skills and confidence around this difficult but pressing topic.

Feedback from schools has been wholly positive:

Very informative and [the workshop] was delivered brilliantly to members of school staff.

Good references for further support, some of which I had not heard of.

Good chance to discuss case studies and what we would do and hear a range of opinions from people of different roles in the school.

For further details, please email Louise Picton.