Addressing the issue of Anxiety

The workshop is aimed at supporting staff to understand the complex issue of anxiety.

In it we will explore specific kinds of anxiety: separation, anticipatory and generalised anxiety disorder. We will look specifically at the role of the school in responding to a child’s anxiety, and how to support a child in regulating and understanding this.

We will also spend time reflecting on how we manage anxieties, including our own, and those which have been displaced by children.

The second half of the workshop allows staff the opportunity to reflect on their own wellbeing, how they regulate anxiety themselves and to explore what is uniquely stressful about working in a school.

This 3 hour workshop can either be delivered as a half-day inset, or in two twilight sessions.

For further information, please email Louise Picton

"Very insightful: I feel more aware of the anxiety and how to talk to individuals about this."

"Really informative and interesting. Enabled me to reflect on my own understanding and develop a better understanding of the therapeutic practices and methodology."