We are very fortunate to have a diverse group of Trustees coming from a wide range of backgrounds including business, finance, media, law, and teaching who direct and support our work.

Full Trustee Board meetings are held four times a year and three subcommittees - Finance, Governance, and Marketing & Fundraising - also meet four times per year to explore in-depth financial and governance aspects of charity life.

Our Trustees are actively engaged in supporting the day to day work of the charity and are a regular presence at our fundraising events.

Here are just some of the people who make our work possible:


Rt Rev. Alan Williams, Bishop of Brentwood


Christopher Tisi


Rev Richard Cerson Rev Matthew Bemand-Qureshi
David Worsfold Liam Connolly
Ray Keilthy Martin McClenaghan
Maire Maisch Lisa Patmore
Lucie Racon Ferdi Tisi
Katharine McKnight Jo Santinelli
Maria Wrench Beth Warren
Dean Cassar


Bernadette Fisher