We are very fortunate to have a diverse group of Trustees coming from a wide range of backgrounds including business, finance, media, law, and teaching who direct and support our work.

Full Trustee Board meetings are held four times a year and three subcommittees - Finance, Governance, and Marketing & Fundraising - also meet four times per year to explore in-depth financial and governance aspects of charity life.

Our Trustees are actively engaged in supporting the day to day work of the charity and are a regular presence at our fundraising events.

New opportunities

We are seeking to appoint new members to our Board of Trustees to help guide and support our work.

It is important for us to maintain a broad, diverse Board of Trustees that brings a wide range of expertise and ages to the table.

People with backgrounds in management, finance, teaching, marketing, fundraising, communications, governance, law and medicine may find the role especially valuable as such skills have much to contribute to our work.

However, past experience is not obligatory as a full induction programme will be provided for all who are interested in becoming a Trustee.

As a children and young people’s charity, the Board would welcome the input of youth trustees (age 18 +) to inform our thinking and drive our vision forward to ensure our provision and services are contemporary. There is no upper age or gender limitation to the role.

To read further about the responsibilities of a Trustee, click on our Role Description and Trustee Protocol documents.

Our full Trustee advert is available to download and print from here.

What will it mean for me?

The role of a Trustee gives the person a chance to make a difference to a vital and rewarding cause and ensure our charity is run in the interests of the people it is there to support.

Because of this, it is necessary to determine if you can fulfil the requirements and commitments of the role for example, Trustees are normally appointed for a four-year term of office.

They are required to attend four Main Board meetings per year and to sit on at least one sub-committee i.e. Finance, Governance, Marketing/Fundraising.

If you feel you could offer us your time and expertise, please email Bernadette, our Director who will be delighted to hear from you.

One of our Trustees writes about why they decided to take on this important role for us:

I became a trustee for bccs because I passionately believe in the work of the Society and also because I had previous involvement with bccs and saw the opportunity to continue my support for them in another capacity.
Being a trustee can be really rewarding, it is a chance to make a difference to a cause that matters to you. As a trustee your main responsibility is to ensure the charity is run in the interests of the people it is there to support. It is important to bear in mind that all your decisions need to put the needs of the beneficiaries first. It is an important responsibility and it is necessary to make sure that you can fulfil the requirements of the role.
There are meetings approximately four times a year and sub-committees as well. Fundraising events need to be supported and there are other ad hoc meetings. It is a commitment but you can find out how much time is required by talking to your chosen charity first.
One of the most enjoyable things about being a trustee is working with and being part of a team of people who have different perspectives, skills and abilities. There is so much to learn and to get involved with. You can be both supportive and challenging and a ‘critical friend’ to the director and other staff – it is a worthwhile and meaningful role.

Here are just some of the people who make our work possible:


Rt Rev. Alan Williams, Bishop of Brentwood.


Founder: Rt. Rev. Mgr. John Armitage.


Christopher Tisi


Rev Richard Cerson Rev Matthew Bemand-Qureshi
Chris Chandler Liam Connolly
Ray Keilthy Martin McClenaghan
Maire Maisch Lisa Patmore
Lucie Racon Anthony Tisi
David Worsfold


Bernadette Fisher