Exam Stress Workshop

This is the first support group offered to secondary pupils directly within a series of three 1.5 hour sessions aimed at pupils in Years 11 and 13.

We look to explore the issue of stress, expectations (implicit and explicit), how we react to stress (do we bury our heads or act it out?).

There is a thread of mindfulness strategies running through the workshops so that pupils leave feeling they have an awareness of what contributes to stress, where it comes from, and how to manage it, particularly as it is a reality when facing exams.

For further information, please contact Louise Picton

We are delighted with the very positive feedback we have had from pupils following our delivery:

"As a group we spoke about stress as a whole and then more of us opened up about feeling this. It made me understand I wasn't alone"

"The meditation helped me feel awake as the stress was just lifted. Also I was able to relate to others."