Exam Stress Workshop

Exam stress is a reality for adolescents and as a response to this we run a series of two x 1.5 hour workshops for Years 11 and 13, to be run over two separate sessions.

We have also found that it is a reality for many primary school children as they approach SATs and school entrance exams and have adapted this delivery for years 5 and 6 also.

Each group can run with up to 14 students (either on a self-referral or staff targeted basis) and gives attendees the chance to explore the stress they are experiencing and contextualise this by focusing on family, peer and school dynamics.

We use case studies and the students’ own experience to support them in understanding how they internalise or externalise stress and will offer a mindfulness thread throughout.

Learning mindfulness techniques can empower students with practical exercises they can use at home and even in the exam room itself.

Students have told us what they think about our workshop:

As a group we spoke about stress as a whole and then more of us opened up about feeling this.
It made me understand I wasn’t alone.
Hearing people’s thoughts and silently relating to it. Knowing that you are not alone even if you don’t talk.

Cost: £600

If you would like further information about this workshop, please email Catherine Munns.