Mindfulness for Pupils

Mindfulness is not just for adults.

The delivery of an age appropriate mindfulness practice is gathering momentum in schools and we already weave a thread of this throughout our exam stress and anxiety workshops for pupils.

Our mindfulness workshops can be adapted for any age group and are an interactive way to learn about techniques to promote a sense of calm, focus and general well-being.

These sessions can be tailor-made to fit your requirements and can last from half an hour upwards.

We have been delivering to Year 11 and 6th form students and have adapted our programme to offer to primary schools who would like mindfulness sessions for all classes.

Read on for a testimonial from a Primary Headteacher:

Children's well-being is more poignant now than ever before - the mindfulness sessions allow the children to develop strategies to take some time out from the pressures of growing up today. They really enjoy them and the parents comment very positively too. in our recent Ofsted inspection, the mindfulness sessions the children have taken part in, were praised highly.

To discuss requirements for your particular setting, please contact Louise Picton.