Understanding Bullying

This workshop is written entirely with the focus being to support pupils - both primary and secondary - in their exploration of the issue of bullying.

We are confident in our knowledge about adolescent minds and processes. We understand the value adolescents place on their peer relationships and how vital and important these are during these years.

We will support students in understanding why a bully may become a bully. We will begin to think about a bully free of this title. In doing this, we are seeking to do two things:

  • To enable students to see the ‘bully’ with empathy, which will therefore naturally reduce the bully’s ‘power’
  • To allow reflection for students to feel empowered in looking at their own processes and the part they have to play in this difficult interaction.

  • We will explore the theme of power throughout this programme, both from the stance of what makes a bully seem powerful, and how pupils access their powerful selves within this new framework of thinking.

    We are offering this workshop to entire year groups and believe it is best delivered to Year 8 students given that they have ‘survived’ their transition from primary to secondary and have begun finding their individual roles within the school and within peer groups. Delivery to Year 8 students will mean they can carry this thinking throughout their school life.

    Students say:

    "It was useful to find out what might be going on in the bully’s life and that they might take be taking out their personal emotions on someone else."

    "I enjoyed this because I now know what to do if I ever find myself feeling upset or insecure. Also I learnt the reason behind people becoming bullies."

    A Year 8 teacher says the workshop was:

    “very informative - the children were engaged and interacted well. It was useful to see what bullying is from both sides (the bully and the bullied) and how it impacts.”