Understanding Children's Anxiety

Target Audience: Primary School Children

We are offering this series of two consecutive workshops directly to classes of primary school children.

The workshops will be run by two experienced counsellors and will have a thread of mindfulness running throughout.

Primary age children rarely have the language to communicate effectively when they are experiencing feelings of anxiety, but it’s something they will feel regularly.

During the workshops we will:

• seek to support Reception age children up to Year 6 pupils to understand and normalise the issue of anxiety
• identify where it connects for people
• identify how and why we feel anxious
• explore how anxiety can affect us when it isn’t spoken about or acknowledged

All workshops are age-appropriate and we will tailor the content accordingly.

We have devised these workshops as we are aware of the increase in children’s anxiety and they have been written as a follow-on to the 'Addressing the Issue of Anxiety' workshop which we are already delivering to school staff.