Wellbeing Package for Pupils

We hear that children and young people are increasingly feeling the burden of caring for their friends, parents or peers. We want to support, upskill, and contextualise the process of care-giving for pupils within KS2.

Schools can choose one workshop or a combination which they may feel their students would benefit from attending.

Being a peer mentor

Children and young people are often keen to offer support to their peers by taking on roles such as peer mentor, “buddy” or mental health ambassador.

With appropriate training and support, this can be beneficial in developing a nurturing and empathic school community.

This training offers pupils the knowledge, skills and language to help them support others effectively, safely and with confidence.

Activities include:

  • Practising the key skills needed in “active listening”, including verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Understanding the limits of their responsibility and the importance of seeking adult support.
  • Opportunities for roleplay, rehearsing how to respond helpfully and safely to a range of situations.

Supporting your friends

Young people often choose to share with each other first and we want to support them in doing this without feeling responsible or overwhelmed.

We are aware, within our clinical work, of the burden and pressures this can place on the friend who listens and supports.

Our groups are aimed at students who tend to undertake the role of ‘carer’ in their relationships, to help them to understand their role, the pressures it can bring, and how to maintain healthy boundaries within relationships.

Understanding your parent/carer’s mental health

Having a parent who struggles with their mental health can be really challenging for children and young people. Our workshops have the sole intention of exploring what it feels like to worry about, care for, or perhaps miss a parent when they are either physically absent, or psychologically absent or preoccupied.

We seek to support children and young people to understand whose feelings are whose and to empower them to know that if their parent isn’t okay, it isn’t their fault, nor is it their responsibility to fix.

Cost: whole day delivery of all three workshops - £500; individual workshops - £200 each.

If you would like further information about any or all of the above workshops, please email Catherine Munns.